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Currently there is a Study taking place in Edmonton Alberta. The information is as follows.

Our study is investigating symptoms of autism spectrum disorder (ASD) in children ages 3-12 with PWS. Despite recent interest in this topic in the research world, most studies have focused on adolescents and adults. Investigating ASD symptoms in younger children with PWS is crucial to help physicians recognize ASD in PWS at an earlier age. The earlier ASD gets diagnosed and intervention gets started, the better the long-term outcomes for the children and families. 


Besides the obvious benefit of increased understanding of the symptoms of ASD in PWS, my study is unique in that we are assessing ASD using the gold-standard ASD assessments tools (Autism Diagnostic Observational Schedule [ADOS] and Autism Diagnostic Interview-Revised [ADI-R]). If the children pass ASD cut-offs on these tests, they will receive a clinical assessment from a developmental pediatrician. Based on that assessment, a clinical diagnosis of ASD may be received. 


The parents will only need to make one trip to Edmonton for the ADOS and a cognitive test, and for the clinical ASD assessment (if necessary). The other questionnaires can be done at home and mailed back, and the interviews can take place over the phone if it is easier for parents. The visit to Edmonton won't take more than a couple of hours, although unfortunately we currently only have funds to reimburse parking ($15). 


We welcome any child with PWS age 3-12 to participate in our study. Any questions can be directed to the study coordinator, Jeff Bennett (email:; phone: 780-996-9859).

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